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Uses of an immigration test

An immigration DNA test is used when a non citizen from Romania wishes to join his or her relatives from Romania, relatives who have become naturalised citizens from Romania or any relatives legally residing in Romania, therefore it does make sense to provide the results of an immigration test as proof of relationship. This very much depends on the documentation, public registry records and identity records available in your country of origin.

Immigration DNA testing can be done to prove paternity or maternity. Relatives such as grandparents and their grandchildren, aunts and uncles and siblings may also undergo immigration DNA testing to help support their relationship claims in immigration cases. Interested in reading more about emigration and immigration?

DNA testing for immigration: cost and specifications

EasyDNA Romania offers immigration testing and includes:


  • The DNA testing kit specially prepared for sample collection of the mother, the alleged father and one child. Additional persons can be tested for an additional fee.
  • The analysis of your DNA samples
  • The DNA test results. These will first be sent to you by email.

The samples are collected through the use of oral swabs which we provide in our kits.

Immigration DNA testing must follow a very strict sample collection procedure which we call a chain of custody. In order for your results to be legally viable, the DNA samples must be collected by a neutral third party. This person, who can be your family doctor, will themselves collect the samples and be the only people to handle the swabs. They will also declare in writing the identification of every test participant.

There is normally a small fee which you will need to cover for the sample collection. This fee is not included in the cost of our immigration test.

We suggest that you contact our offices first to discuss the case. You will be advised on the type of DNA test, the cost and on how to proceed with the payment.

What is the process I need to follow for an immigration DNA test?

We always prefer to discuss every immigration case with our clients. Our customer support team will be happy to provide all the information as well as suggest the most appropriate DNA test.


  • Depending on the type of test you need, the location of the test participants and the number of people involved we will prepare and post any kits required. Any kits will only be sent out once you have made your order and will be sent within 48 hours.
  • Kits will be sent out to the address of your chosen sampler (a local GP or registered nurse). You need to ensure to provide us with their address and inform your chosen sampler that they will be receiving out kit.
  • Make an appointment with your sampler to have the samples collected.
  • In order for the sampler to be confirm the identity of the test participants, each will need to take along with them a valid form of identification such as passport or identity card. Pass port sized photos showing a clear, unobstructed face will also need to be provided.

When test participants are not based in Romania

EasyDNA is a multi-national testing company with over 25 world-wide offices. In many cases of immigration, a blood relative living outside Romania wishes to join another relative residing in Romania. If any test participants do live outside Romania, EasyDNA can organise the DNA test by sending a kit to the required locations. The kit will not be sent to the client but to the chosen sampler (which may be a doctor or nurse). Sometimes sample collection will take place at a Romania Embassy or Romania consulate; these diplomatic government offices often have their own sampler. You will need to organise an appointment with the embassy or consulate for your immigration DNA test sample collection once they have received our kit.

Discuss your case with us

EasyDNA is your trusted immigration DNA test provider. For further information about our DNA paternity testing services and other DNA tests contact us or alternatively have EasyDNA contact you.


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